Feelunique.com turns to Inviqa to build a best-in-class development team

Ranked one of the UK's fastest growing private companies in 2012, feelunique.com is the country’s largest online beauty and cosmetics retailer, processing 5,000 online orders a day.

Feelunique.com’s growth was showing no signs of slowing down and with technology constantly evolving, it was keen to safeguard its success. Looking to invest in its processes and people, feelunique.com approached Inviqa in April 2013. As experts in the latest software development processes we were engaged to upskill the team in tools, best practices and technologies, including Scrum, Git, BDD and Behat.

“At the end of this process we will have a sustainable, scalable platform, a platform we’re confident in and something that can deliver features for the business.” Neil Landon, CTO, Feelunique.com