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Inviqa can help your developers hone their PHP and Agile development skill sets with our bespoke training courses, which are based on the varying skill levels of your development team and your company's coding practices.YOH 2014 UKAA Badge Winner

Our award-winning trainers are expert level and experienced practitioners with a firm grasp on the material. They've also trained professionals from some of the world’s most recognisable brands, including The BBC, Estee Lauder, Nokia and PZ Cussons.

Training we provide

Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) Training

Delivered by world-leading BDD experts, this course offers an unparalleled introduction to BDD from theory to practice.

Test-Driven Development (TDD) Training

This one-day intensive workshop, which offers a mix of theory and practice with real-cases, will help you understand how to use TDD in your PHP projects.

Reducing Sprint Zero to Zero

This 4-day training course will help organisations focus on delivering business value from the get go, giving your team members a solid understanding of all the required tooling and technologies.

Creating RESTful Hypermedia Applications

This 2-day course is aimed at people who want to get an in-depth understanding of REST and how to implement it. It covers HTTP, Hypermedia, HATOAS, SOA and more advanced topics like testability and intermediaries.

Agile PHP Development Training

This 5-day course is designed to help organisations who are adopting Agile and could benefit from having their PHP teams Agile-enabled. This course will cover Agile values and principles as well as the necessary skills to undertake Agile practices.

PHP Training Assessment

This training assessment is ideal for companies that need to gain a better understanding of the skills within their development team, and want to match those skills to the needs of future development projects. 

PHP Training Options

Our training courses are tailored to the needs of the client, so training material varies depending on the team. Here are some of the most common PHP areas we cover.

Previous training clients

"The Introduction to TDD with Inviqa was first class, Ciaran delivered the concepts and practical examples in a way that was easy to grasp, answering all questions that where posed."



"Sarunas delivered an excellent training session on Git and other topics. The session was run at a pace which was comfortable but still offered a wealth of knowledge."


switchlongSwitch Concepts

"I would recommend any development teams who are interested in BDD, TDD or Agile to run these training courses in-house as it will add real value to the team."


zPZ Cussons

"Marcello is very clearly accomplished at delivering training and understands how to explain the subjects clearly to business users. I got the impression that what he doesn't know about the Agile framework isn't really worth knowing."


Meet our trainers

Inviqa’s Professional PHP training is carried out by our own practising software engineers and is designed to optimise the software development processes within your team. 

Marcello Duarte, Head of Training

marcelloMarcello heads Inviqa’s training practice and leads the development of PhpSpec, a popular BDD framework. As an Agile coach, Marcello has coached many teams in many organisations into Agile processes and development practices like Scrum, TDD, Refactoring, Collaborative Product Ownership and Software Quality. In 2014, Marcello was officially recognised as the Best Agile Coach/Mentor (Technical) at the UK Agile Awards. 

Ciaran McNulty, Training Manager

cmCiaran is a major part of Inviqa’s training practice in the UK. He has worked with PHP since the late 90s and has delivered training to our clients on technical subjects such as OOP and OOD, methodologies including TDD, BDD, and workflow techniques such as Scrum, Kanban and Business Discovery.

Konstantin Kudryashov, BDD Practice Manager

everzetKonstantin heads up Inviqa's BDD (Behaviour Driven Development) practice. To ensure software development meets business goals, Konstantin has established the BDD Stack, a set of processes and tools that aid collaboration between technical and non-technical teams.


Your trainers may vary dependant on the date of the training.

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