In enterprise software development you are only as good as the technical skills you can bring to the table. Only with regular training can you ensure you have the right technical skills.

Why train?


  • Understanding new technologies and concepts e.g. AngularJS, Behat, Object Oriented PHP, Scrum etc. will make you a smarter coder and a subject matter expert.

  • Learning about best practices, industry trends, language frameworks, tools and development methodologies like writing user stories, TDD and Pair Programming will enable you do your job much faster than an untrained developer.

  • A structured, well designed and customised training course versus a trial and error approach can shorten the learning curve when it comes to learning complex and rapidly evolving technologies.


  • The productivity of your team will increase with the added benefits of improved code quality and quicker shipping times.

  • You won’t have to spend time and energy motivating and micro-managing a well trained team.

  • Your clients will find it easier to work with trained developers who bring a unique perspective to the table.

  • Well trained developers are more comfortable with experimentation and taking calculated risks and can come up with innovative solutions to business problems, benefiting the team as a whole.


  • Poorly trained developers tend to write bad code which will cause you to incur technical debt. This results in unstable applications.

  • A well trained team is your best bet when you need to launch complex applications.

  • The investment in training will be paid back many times over in increased employee productivity and rapid deployment times. 

  • An ongoing and structured training programme increases the chances that talented developers will be easier to hire and retain.

Why train with Inviqa?

Inviqa can help your developers hone their PHP and Agile development skillsets. 

  • We design bespoke training courses which take into account the varying skill levels of developers and your company's coding practices.

  • Our trainers are expert level and experienced practitioners with a firm grasp on the material.

  • We are an active member of the development community and we work with the technologies that we provide training in. With us you will learn relevant and cutting edge development practices.

  • Our trainers are experienced teachers who have a reputation for presenting difficult to understand concepts in an entertaining, informative and informal environment.

  • Our trainers are certified in the technologies they provide training in.

This is what developers have to say about the Inviqa training experience

"Very experienced trainers who obviously have a detailed knowledge about the subject area." Switch Concepts

"I would recommend any development teams who are interested in BDD, TDD or Agile to run these training courses in-house as it will add real value to the team." Switch Concepts 

"Marcello is very clearly accomplished at delivering training and understands how to explain the subjects clearly to business users. I got the impression that what he doesn't know about the Agile framework isn't really worth knowing." PZ Cussons

"The Agile training is well worth investing time in as it gets the whole business aware of what goes into delivering and enhancing projects. They don't just happen by magic, it's teamwork and continuous improvement." PZ Cussons

"Going from very little experience with PHP, the course gave an excellent grounding in best practices for using OOP techniques in PHP which was then extended into the TDD environment. The course was well taught and time was spent on issues the group or individuals had." Bytron

"The TDD immersion course exceeded my expectations and taught me a new mental approach to coding and creating applications. I am very excited about how I will approach coding." Agile Web

"Marcello and Ciaran delivered an excellent training session. They were able to cover the technical details and also made you feel comfortable enough to ask questions you might think were silly." Flash Talking

Meet our trainers

Inviqa’s Professional PHP training is carried out by our own practising software engineers and is designed to optimise the software development processes within your team. 

Investing in continuous professional development is how you will be able to keep yourself in the reckoning in a competitive job market and deliver high quality work that will keep clients coming back for more.

Learn more about the PHP training courses we offer from beginner to advanced, or contact us with your requirements. 

Areas that we’re frequently asked to deliver training on include: