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Launching a B2B ecommerce business in 4 months with Spryker

  • German B2B company looks to accelerate growth and differentiate on CX
  • Develops integrated, customer-focused platform for multi-channel selling
  • Primed to reach ambitious growth targets and scale

The challenge

German B2B company Certeo is a Google-certified reseller of office furniture and equipment. Faced with growing competition and changing buyer demands, it urgently needed to accelerate business growth, gain agility, and achieve its goals faster.  
With a focus on quality, value, and excellent customer service, Certeo’s online shop offered access to more than 50,000 products. But with growing market competition the B2B ecommerce business needed more than a comprehensive product portfolio to differentiate and thrive in this market.
Certeo saw a clear opportunity to become one of the first German businesses of its kind to give B2B buyers the ability to order office furniture and equipment at any time, and from any device.

But with an eight-year-old legacy ecommerce platform in place, Certeo was struggling to adapt, scale, and continuously improve its online offering in line with changing customer needs and market dynamics. In some cases the simple task of adding a new product to the online shop, for example, was taking several months and standing in the way of opportunities to expand the product offering and grow online revenue.

Certeo urgently needed to replace its legacy ecommerce platform with a powerful system that could drive growth and scale alongside the business.  

The solution

With an architecture that separates frontend apps and backend capabilities, Spryker Commerce brings agility to ecommerce businesses and was a natural fit with Certeo’s needs.

The Spryker Commerce backend provides a powerful, decoupled foundation for digital products, while frontend apps would enable Certeo to quickly adapt to the ever-changing behaviour of its customers and market.

Spryker Commerce boasts an easily extendable and modular core that removes the complexity associated with customisation and maintenance. Its extensive architecture supports several feature sets, such as mobile apps, bots and blockchain.

Alexander Ketzler, managing director, Certeo

Thanks to our ecommerce expertise and project experience with the Spryker platform, Inviqa was selected as Certeo’s implementation partner for the new online platform.

Our work with Certeo included:

  • Discovery: workshops with key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the project goals and how success would be measured to help prioritise and inform decisions
  • Spryker Commerce customisation and implementation, including a backend built with the ZED application
  • Technical integrations with legacy systems including ERP and product information management (PIM), and with payment solutions from Ingenico, Amazon, eBay, and Rakuten
  • Responsive, mobile-optimised design for streamlined orders from any device
  • Simultaneous launch across four countries and in three languages and two currencies 
  • Branding, User experience, UI, and mobile-optimised design
  • Implementation of internationalisation features including making the site multi-language, multi-currency, and multi-region
  • Business Intelligence, user journey, and behaviour pathway analytics
  • Project management and programme governance

The results

A ‘minimum viable product’ (MVP) version of the new online shop was designed, built, and implemented in a record three months with Inviqa’s help.
By getting to market rapidly, Certeo was able to very quickly test its assumptions and start learning about how customers were interacting with the product. Certeo is now able to quickly roll-out features and functionality that improves the customer experience and has a direct impact on conversion. With a responsive, mobile-optimised design, it’s now easy for Certeo customers to quickly make orders from any device.
It’s still early days, but Certeo is already seeing a positive impact on the business bottom line. With Spryker, Certeo has a highly scalable, customisable platform, and is primed to reach its ambitious growth targets.

I was really impressed by the way Inviqa works: enthusiastically and constructively. Both Inviqa and Certeo teams mutually benefited from the ‘MVP’ approach in terms of agility and efficiency.

Alexander Ketzler, managing director, Certeo

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