Accelerate your roadmap

Wherever you are in your digital journey, our team can help you identify new avenues and solutions for achieving your strategic goals through innovation. Inviqa helps organisations find the right business models and technology to innovate and drive value.

Specialists in software engineering, mobile technologies, and microservices design, we’re experts in:

  • Digital product strategy
  • Mobile apps (hybrid & native)
  • Mobile experiences & optimisation
  • Machine learning
  • Lean & business model engineering
  • API & microservices design
  • UX & prototyping
  • Enterprise Agile methodologies
  • DevOps
  • UI & user testing
Digital strategy & consulting
Digital strategy & consulting
Technology consulting

The innovation challenge

All innovation starts with experimentation. Digital experimentation paves the way for formalised exploration, strategic roadmaps, and becoming truly agile as a business.

But whether you’re just getting started, or you need to accelerate your roadmap, there are many obstacles to innovation.

Your organisation may have aspirations bigger than your ability to execute. Cumbersome, legacy systems are making it difficult to keep pace with your users. Your company is not digitally-minded and is being overtaken by competitors and new market entrants.

Technology consulting

How we can help


Whether you need capacity or expertise, our teams can deliver technology roadmaps and digital systems at velocity.

We can help you create and refresh digital revenue streams, transform service delivery, and maximise the experiences you provide to your customers. Become a technology leader with Inviqa and turn agility into a competitive advantage.


Why we’re unique


Our business-first approach is helping organisations of all kinds to explore new avenues and identify solutions to support their digital transformation.

We pride ourselves on being the technology consultant that really gets inside your business, understands your strategic aims, and helps you progress on your digital journey.



Become an innovator

At Inviqa, we don’t just help you find the right digital solution to achieve your goals. We also help you identify new avenues, business models, and development approaches so you meet your changing business needs in an innovative, agile way. We’ll show you the business value of a build-measure-learn approach, of prototyping, and of Agile principles.


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