Since launching UK operations in the mid ’90s, this major, multinational bank has grown to become one of the UK’s leading online investing providers. It services more than 300,000 clients, providing investing services that enable customers to manage their trading portfolios.

The challenge

The bank’s existing trading app provided a poor customer experience despite representing an important touchpoint. The bank needed to complement its telephone service with a new digital touchpoint that would help secure new customers, reach a younger customer base, and deliver a vastly-improved customer experience compared with the incumbent trading app.

Finding a solution

Using high performance hybrid mobile technologies including the Ionic UI framework, we delivered the first release of a new trading application for the bank. Inviqa was selected to determine technical strategy, build, and deploy the first iteration of the app. It worked closely with partner agency Capco to engineer a sophisticated customer experience.

The results

The result was a high-performance, user-friendly trading application based on hybrid mobile technologies.

The technology

  • Ionic, a UI framework for hybrid apps
  • Angular JS
  • Apache Cordova


This case study was originally published under Byng, which merged with Inviqa in October 2016. Click here for more information about the merger.