Inviqa is made up of brilliant people who aspire to be the best at what they do. 


We’re a team of 200+ world-class strategists, designers, software engineers, and everything in between. 


We're always looking for fresh talent to join our offices in the UK, Germany, and Hungary.

Head to our job vacancies page to view and search all our current openings and to submit your application. 


Careers development

We’re committed to helping every Inviqa employee (aka ‘Inviqan’) grow, learn, and reach their full potential. That’s why we developed Inviqa Me – a system that helps you set clearly-defined development goals and track your progress, together with your line manager.

We encourage cross-functional moves so Inviqans can transition into new areas and learn new roles on-the-job. We also offer an extensive internal training catalogue and plenty of on-the-project coaching, plus opportunities to learn from your peers. All this helps ensure you’re meeting your personal career goals and going in a direction that’s right for you.



We encourage you to get formal certifications in relevant technologies and approaches – and we provide you with the study guides, exam vouchers, and time off for self-study. We put you in touch with other people studying for the same certifications, so you can form sponsored study groups.

Business benefits of Digital consulting
Business benefits of Digital consulting

Conferences & training

We offer everyone £800 a year to spend on personal training and conferences, plus up to 10 days a year to attend them. The choice of training is yours (as long as it has business relevance!), because we want you to learn more about what interests you most. We actively encourage Inviqans to attend industry-relevant conferences, and to speak at them too.   


Inviqa Icon

Exclusive to Inviqans, Icon is our regular internal conference. It brings together colleagues from across all our offices to share knowledge and experience gained working on some of the most exciting digital initiatives. Icon also provides valuable opportunities to gain speaking experience in a friendly environment, and makes sure everyone has a chance to hear what’s going on in other offices and teams.


Innovation Labs

We welcome new ideas and initiatives from across the company. Our Innovation Labs initiative takes the best of these ideas and develops them from concept to reality. These ideas might be new technologies or techniques, or simply small improvements to everyday processes. We encourage everyone to get involved; all you need is an idea that could help a client or colleague!

Equal opportunities

It's important to us that Inviqa offers an inclusive and fair workplace for everyone. We’re proud to offer a flexible working environment for all, and we encourage an open and supportive atmosphere where everyone feels included. 


Inviqa is dedicated to being an equal opportunities employer. Please let us know if we need to make any reasonable adjustments to accommodate your needs during the hiring process.


learning culture


Discover why people love our learning culture here at Inviqa.

Learning & development

tech user groups


Top tips on how and why to get involved with tech user groups

User groups

Making tech inclusive

Here at Inviqa we’re acutely aware of the lack of diversity in tech. And we’re committed to making our industry a more inclusive place.

We want a society where gender equality is a given and charters are redundant. Until then we’re working with Tech She Can and like-minded organisations to effect that change.

Check-out this video to learn more. And drop us a line any time to discuss diversity initiatives.

Life at Inviqa

Just some of the advantages you'll enjoy as an Inviqan!

Our internal conference for sharing ideas and experiences

£800 a year to spend on training of your choice

We take our work seriously, but we’re also a social bunch; balance is important to us.

Receive five days per year to attend conferences.

Time dedicated to learning, innovation, and experimentation.

A team of people dedicated to supporting our internal learning and development.

We’ll support and sponsor you in gaining formal certifications.

The perfect forum for understanding what makes each of us tick.