Inviqa announces partnership with eZ Systems

We are thrilled to announce a new strategic partnership with global content management platform eZ Systems.

The eZ suite affords users an unparalleled ability to create, manage and curate large volumes of content and digital assets, and is a firm favourite with the publishing, media, and entertainment industries.

How to create a living style guide using Hologram

Documenting a website's style scheme, also known as ‘Style guide Driven Development’ or SDD, has now become an essential part of web projects today. While there are many different style guide tools available, this article will cover the benefits of using the Hologram style guide by Trulia.

Closing Down Techportal

Thank you for your continuous interest in our technical content. It is with regret that we have announced the closure of TechPortal. Not to worry though: all of the most popular posts can be found under the Tutorials category of this blog.

Re-platforming with Scala for scale, fun, and profit

Following our advice on how to convince your CFO to invest in modernising your systems, this article describes some techniques for re-engineering away from a legacy system to a modular, test driven, reactive architecture running on JVM, the Java platform.

How to automate Ghost Inspector with Capistrano

A few months ago one of Steven Richardson's colleagues asked if he could automate Ghost Inspector tests with each deployment to the QA server for a particular project. In this tutorial, Steven explains how to automate Ghost Inspector with Capistrano and quantify the results with Google Analytics. 

How to write a Server Density plugin

An important part of developing and maintaining applications is the ability to monitor the environment they run on. Inviqa’s 24/7 support services depend on a number of tools to ensure that we get all the information required to monitor the health of our client's applications, and for server monitoring we use Server Density. This tutorial covers how to create your own Server Density plugin. 

3 tips for better brand communication online

It’s no longer enough to produce an arresting design with some PR-based copy and simply wait for the sales to roll in - instead, brands must plan for inevitable change and find ways to ensure their message isn’t lost as their customers and competitors charge ahead. Here are 3 tips to help you communicate better online.

The Kanban Can-Can

Kanban advice and strategies for Business as Usual/maintenance projects from Adam Scott, Project Manager.