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We’re a dedicated and experienced team of 150+ designers, developers, strategists. And everything in between!

We care about creating the best possible outcomes. For you. For your diverse customers. For each other.

Here's how we do it.

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Daria, Stuart, Rosie having a team catch up in the office
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Ila at a staff meeting
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A partnership that primes you for success

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What we believe

Our values


We’re humans first, building brilliant things for other humans. That’s why empathy underpins everything we do.


We do our best work together. Collaboration is key to how we work and how we get things done.


We take pride in what we do. Our clients and colleagues can depend on us to deliver our best possible work.


We actively listen and communicate. Everyone has a voice and knows they will be heard.


We never stop learning, as people and as a company. It’s how we get better.

Our commitment to inclusion

Meet some Inviqans!

Daria Lanz

Daria is an experience design director. She believes design is fundamental to creating a better future – whether through products and services that enhance the lives of their users, or exhilarating experiences that push the boundaries of possibility. She leads the design of products, processes, and services at Inviqa to create relevant solutions for our clients.

Daria Lanz, Inviqa

Rupert Jones

Rupert is a software engineering manager. Supporting and developing the growth of engineers at Inviqa, he ensures that a high quality of engineering and consistency is applied across all our projects. Rupert has worked on some of the largest and most complex Magento platform integrations and is an Adobe Certified Expert.

Rupert smiling

Cathy Dearson

Cathy heads up our people and learning team, and her mission in life is to build engagement and grow our learning culture. When she’s not building a better place to work for all Inviqans, she is adding to her prodigious collection of succulents, reading, or relaxing with her family.

Cathy Dearson

Neha Banka

Neha's love of spreadsheets, attention to detail, and unwavering professionalism have contributed to her career development and make her an invaluable member of our busy finance team.

Neha Banka

Better outcomes start here

Now you know who we are, come explore how we work with your teams to secure better human and business outcomes!

Explore what we do



Understand the driving forces behind your products. Clarify the outcomes you want for you and your customers. Define a plan to get you there.



Test hypotheses. Discover what your customers want. Understand how to meet their changing needs using principled product thinking.



Test, learn, and deliver value frequently using modern delivery methods – and scalable platforms and architectures.



Continually evolve your digital products, processes, and systems to ensure they keep working for you and your customers.