BigCommerce: 7 of the best sites

By Essie Eslami

BigCommerce is an incredibly popular choice of platform for ecommerce businesses looking to upgrade and modernise their websites. The open SaaS solution provides an easy-to-use interface and advanced built-in features that make launching a site easy and quick. Enterprise-grade security gives confidence to businesses concerned about cybersecurity, whilst the huge array of sales features and headless commerce architecture allow companies to easily apply their own brand identity. 

As a BigCommerce certified partner, Inviqa loves helping clients implement BigCommerce sites. Here we have identified 7 of our favourite BigCommerce examples for you to check out!

Molton Brown 

As a leader in the fragrance and personal care industry, Molton Brown partnered with BigCommerce and Inviqa to build a core platform designed for international distributors to rapidly launch new websites in new markets.

Molton Brown site on ipad

The new online stores are fit-for-purpose and match the quality of the Molton Brown products. There is an ease of navigation throughout whilst the design truly reflects the values and identity of the brand. As a result, Molton Brown is launching online shops in Italy, Greece, and Cyprus, with many more international markets to come.

BigCommerce was an effective platform in achieving key business objectives for Molton Brown because of how it met so many requirements ‘out-of-the-box’. The relative low overhead cost combined with the platforms functionality and flexibility was key to the success of this project. 

Don’t take our word for it though! Molton Brown have seen an 81% increase in year-on-year sales since. Furthermore, Inviqa was chosen as a 'finalist' in the 2020 BigCommerce Partner Awards in the Creative Problem Solving category in EMEA.


Skullcandy is an audio lifestyle brand based in Utah, USA providing some of the best headphones, hands-free devices and audio backpacks available on the market. 

One of the best aspects of this BigCommerce site was how well the overall design matches the youthful and vibrant customer base upon which this company sells to. The user experience is frictionless and there is a dynamic and artistic colour scheme that engages you as soon as you land on the site.

Skullcandy website

Skullcandy chose the BigCommerce platform partly because it removed any concern they had over hosting capabilities and allowed them to fully focus on the presentation and shopping features displayed throughout the website. In addition, the API base provided by BigCommerce allowed them to fully integrate their PIM system with credit card companies and also supply chains to ensure fulfilment of orders. 

The results of migrating to BigCommerce have been superb. They have seen a 214% increase in revenue and 122% increase in orders year-on-year. Stick on some tunes and celebrate Skullcandy and BigCommerce!

Victoria Health 

As one of the leading specialists in health & beauty, Victoria Health’s ecommerce store provides supplements, vitamins, body and hair care products that are trusted by consumers and revered for their high quality standards. Building their site using the BigCommerce platform has allowed them to create a content-rich user experience to engage users and build brand loyalty.

Victoria Health website

The warm and light colour scheme engages the user immediately whilst using the 5-across layout to display their best selling products is the ideal format to capture the attention of a prospective buyer. The editorial section displayed on the homepage is a great example of content-driven commerce and is a great way to get users to move through the site. The interface is very clean; the CTAs are well-positioned and include just the right amount of information for this stage of the user journey. 

Ice Jewellery 

Ice Jewellery was founded in 2012 and sells quality rings, watches, necklaces, earrings  from notable brands such as Bianc and Thomas Sabo. The original website was operating more like a database than a website and the company recognised the need to drastically improve the user experience. Using the BigCommerce platform they have created a sophisticated and attractive site with superb speed and functionality. 

Ice Jewellery website

One of the UX features that stands out is that the customer journey is incredibly efficient from deciding on an item to reaching the checkout. This is something that the business looked to achieve from the beginning and it is evident that this was a primary objective when configuring the BigCommerce platform. However, they have also retained a balance in that it is still very easy for the user to browse and explore the site; you do not feel pushed into making a purchase at all. 

Ice Jewellery has experienced a 52% increase in conversion rate since implementation. The site is now a perfect blend of aesthetic beauty and technical functionality that reflects the quality of their overall brand.

Woodland Hills Wine Company 

The Woodland Hills Wine Company is a highly successful, niche merchant specialising in collector-based wines. There is an expectation from the customer base of premium quality and the in-house solution for their website was not living up to this. They decided to migrate to the BigCommerce platform and now have a fantastic site!

Woodland Hills Wine Company site

The user experience now matches the premium nature of the brand. It exudes a quality and assuredness throughout with enticing copy and imagery. Customers can purchase gift cards in-store and redeem them online or vice versa. The complexities around gifting is something we are keenly aware of at Inviqa, having conducted surveys and published articles on changing customer expectations in this area. All in all, the experience of the Woodland Hills site is one of real quality that allows their customer to feel satisfied, sit back and enjoy a glass. Cheers!

Gillette on Demand

Gillette, the American juggernaut providing safety razors and other personal care products, is another BigCommerce site that has a fantastic user experience. The look and feel of the Gillette on demand site perfectly corresponds to the brand’s identity: that consistency is even more important for a household name where consumers have preconceived expectations for what the site should look like. 

Gillette on demand website

The homepage is inviting and informative; it doesn’t overwhelm the user with too much information above the fold and encourages you to move through the site pages. There are clearly defined touchpoints and the transition speed between images on the homepage is spot on. 

The CTA for signing up for subscription is also adeptly presented. This is a tricky thing to do- check out our article on the subscription economy and the challenges companies face. 

Cordova Outdoors 

Cordova Outdoors provides coolers, drinkware, apparel, and specialty items for commercial deepsea fisherman. The site caught our attention because of how modern and appealing it feels whilst still retaining the brand’s personal values and industry specific terminology. 

Cordova Outdoors website

One of the most impressive aspects of the Cordova Outdoors site is that they receive a large number of SKUs and the BigCommerce platform has helped the business process all this inventory. The site is also integrated with Shipstation, Amazon, and Ebay, whilst their Instagram feed at the bottom of the homepage enhances the modern look and feel of the site, attracting and developing a whole new customer base. The results since implementation of the new site have been extraordinary with a 1,189% increase in orders.

A compelling choice for ecommerce retailers

These 7 sites perfectly illustrate how effective BigCommerce as a platform can be for businesses that range in size across diverse industries. The in-built functionality, seamless integration and ability to implement your brands unique design upon the platform are just a few of the reasons why BigCommerce is such a popular choice for ecommerce retailers.