The Hypermedia API

by Ben Longden.

As experienced developers we're regularly told that very few API's out there are really RESTful, and sometimes we're even told why and how they could be. But what is the process of actually designing an API that uses hypermedia, and what is hypermedia anyway? This talk takes the listener through the process of designing an API structure up front that uses hypermedia at it's core over HTTP, what considerations do you need when selecting a media type to represent your resource and what is out there to help you document it for others to use. This session is recommended for architects and developers alike and will give a good grounding in writing excellent, self-explanatory Hypermedia APIs.

The video below is a recording of Ben's conference talk at PHPUK 2013:

Video Courtesy of the PHP UK Conference organised by PHP London

Ben is technical assurance manager at Inviqa (Sheffield). He has many years of professional experience in a variety of programming languages including C, C++, Perl, Python and has been working with PHP for the last 6 years. Throughout his career he has worked at a variety of places in different industries; mobile marketing, data, ISP and in professional services all of which has given him diverse experience of software engineering in different fields.

Outside of work he is a father, and with what little spare time he has left he can be found hacking one of his own projects (lots of ideas, not enough time!), playing on his PS3, or infrequently blogging on techPortal and his own personal blog at

If you'd like to learn more about the Hypermedia API and creating RESTful applications Ben has devised a training course which gives an in-depth understanding of REST and how to implement it. It covers HTTP, Hypermedia, HATOAS, SOA, and more advanced topics like testability and intermediaries. Creating RESTful Hypermedia Applications