An introduction to service APIs

Every company starts with a single website or web application, but as a company’s internet presence grows, many different applications and websites are deployed. With a traditional approach of treating each of these applications as a completely separate solution, a number of problems occur. But by introducing a service API the problems of the traditional approach can be overcome...

10 tips for improving website performance

On the Internet nothing causes people as much grief, anger and aggravation as a slow loading website. If a website does not load within the critical first 2 seconds 50% of viewers will click or tap away and most of them won’t return. This means lower conversion rates, lower rankings on searches and anemic traffic. And this rule is not only applicable for small websites. Google saw a drop of 20% traffic because a page loaded half a second slower. Amazon experienced substantial revenue losses because page load speed increased by 100 milliseconds.

6 tips on choosing a technical partner for outsourcing

Have you decided to get a new website or a mobile app or make your current website mobile friendly? Great! Go for it. That’s the first 20% of your job done. For most of us the biggest challenges are the technical skills needed to pull-off the project allied to a stable delivery that offers businesses value for money. When it comes to designing a serious web application, an iOS app or a responsive website an overwhelming number of companies choose to outsource it to a third party.