How to build an extension for PHPSPEC

I recently launched a new extension for PhpSpec, something that was a lot of fun, but also made me realise that building an extension allows you to learn so much more about the tool you are building for and about design philosophies. I want to share my experiences to offer a reference point for other engineers thinking about building an extension for their tool of choice.

Extending Magento with patches

When working with Magento, the need to extend and alter core functionality is something that comes up frequently. Fortunately Magento provides a fairly robust rewrite system to facilitate this, so creating a class that extends a core Magento object, and making Magento load your class in place of the original, is trivial. There are plenty of resources for rewriting core Magento functionality, so I’m not going to dwell on that mechanism here.

Manage project dependencies with Bower and Composer

As developers, most of us rely on third-party libraries as part of our web applications. PHP developers manage their dependencies with Composer, but how can you manage your client-side dependencies? Most projects start with one core JavaScript library (e.g. jQuery) and one or two plugins, but over time the application grows, and the list of JavaScript libraries grows as well. In this situation, Bower can help you, and in this article you will see how to integrate it into your own project.