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Inviqa partners with Vestdeck for SME investor relations platform

Technology partner and consultant Inviqa today announced a partnership with Vestdeck to launch a new SME investor relations platform to connect unlisted businesses with existing and potential investors.

The new platform, which will be custom-built by Inviqa using open-source technologies, supports Vestdeck’s objective of enhancing communication and building long-term relationships between the investment community and small businesses.

Vestdeck managing director Nikolas Gilding said: ‘After a long and intensive search, we are delighted to have found a technology partner and consultant in Inviqa. With Inviqa’s extensive experience in custom software development and consulting for fintech companies, we know we have found the right technical partner to help us improve the world of investor relations for the small and medium-sized enterprise (SME) sector’.

He added: ‘We have enlisted Inviqa’s help as a founding partner to design, create, and support a platform that will grow in line with our business. Together we are confident that we can deliver the pre-eminent communication platform for unquoted companies. Through the Vestdeck platform we aim to bring greater visibility and choice to investment decisions relating to the higher risk world of SMEs’.

Paul Wander, co-founder and chief sales officer at Inviqa, said: ‘Inviqa is thrilled that Vestdeck has chosen us to bring its innovative investor relations platform to life. With our solid track record of using open-source technologies and custom digital solutions to solve the complex needs of a range of fintech businesses such as Toronto Dominion Bank, Worldpay, and WorldFirst, we are a natural fit with Vestdeck’.

The new business venture will enable SMEs to build brand momentum quickly, sharing resources relating to their business growth and development as they look to find willing investors for their next round of investment. Investors meanwhile will use the platform to decide which companies to follow, invest in a position, or remove, with the ability to track information on multiple companies in one central location.
Vestdeck has established an experienced management team and has raised initial funding at a strong valuation. It seeks to raise an additional £100k through crowdfunding.

Development of the platform will begin with a small, multidisciplinary team conducting a series of technical and business workshops known as the Inviqa Discovery. This will be followed by rapid prototyping to identify and deliver the easiest and most effective way of validating and steering Vestdeck’s product direction.

With an emphasis on Lean / Agile methods and incremental delivery, a ‘Minimum Viable Product’ is planned for launch in Autumn 2017.