Magicento – a Magento developer’s magic toolbox for PhpStorm

When working with a complex system like Magento, the need for proper development tools is vital for speed and precision. One of those tools is PhpStorm, the “most intelligent PHP IDE” as it states on their website. Features like code quality analysis, integrated version control, and built in testing and debugging tools make development not only easier, but more enjoyable. So what is Magicento?...

The beginner's guide to BDD

This whitepaper provides an introduction to BDD – an approach to development that improves communication between business and technical teams to create software with business value. Aimed at both technical and business professionals, this guide explains how BDD can benefit projects of all sizes, and how to implement it with confidence. The guide will be updated regularly by experienced BDD practitioners within Inviqa, as well as other external contributors, and is structured to reflect the flow of the BDD process.

Magento 2: What retailers can expect

The long-awaited next edition of Magento is about to hit the eCommerce world. When announced back in 2014, Magento 2 promised improved performance and scalability, streamlined customisations, easier installations, higher quality code and simplified integrations. Magento 2 is currently in Merchant Beta, a phase where Magento has 15 merchants worldwide implementing the new Magento 2 platform. The Magento team recently held a webinar to take us through some of the new features that we’ve already seen using the Magento 2 Developer Beta, as well as some of the improvements we can expect to see in the next few months before the Magento 2 General Availability (GA) scheduled for November this year.