Extending Magento with patches

When working with Magento, the need to extend and alter core functionality is something that comes up frequently. Fortunately Magento provides a fairly robust rewrite system to facilitate this, so creating a class that extends a core Magento object, and making Magento load your class in place of the original, is trivial. There are plenty of resources for rewriting core Magento functionality, so I’m not going to dwell on that mechanism here.

Inviqa finds harmony in Symfony for myjobmatcher.com

MyJobMatcher.com, part of the Opinio Group, is an online job matching platform that finds career opportunities for candidates based on content from their uploaded CVs.

MyJobMatcher.com’s intelligent matching system was already attracting millions of job seekers, but was quickly reaching performance capacity. MyJobMatcher.com engaged Inviqa to help it break free of its legacy systems and build a scalable platform that could support its continuous and rapid growth.  

A pocket guide to cross-border tax in the EU, USA and Australia

Launching into new markets can be one of the most fulfilling endeavors of any business. As the global ecommerce landscape grows, the chance to access an entirely new customer base is an opportunity that has swiftly become very real for businesses of all sizes. And with online cross-border trade predicted to grow fivefold to $130 billion by 2020, it’s an opportunity not to be ignored...

Magento solution specialist certification: my experience

As a member of Magento’s Advisory Board, Session Digital was in October 2013 invited to participate in shaping a new Magento certification aimed at Business Analysts, Project Managers and QA Analysts. The feedback Magento received from us, as well as the other members of the Advisory Board, helped create the Magento Solution Specialist Certification which was launched at this year’s Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas. I’m a Project Manager and have worked with Magento for nearly three years, and have recently passed the Magento Solution Specialist Certification. For those interested in taking the certification, I hope you find the following useful...