An introduction to testing and quality assurance

It’s human nature to make errors and therefore any developer working on a large piece of work will make errors along the way. Since the inception of high-level computer programming back in the 1950s, developers have been writing massive amounts of code to deliver a very specific function. Ultimately errors will occur, bugs can and will slip into the code, and as a result defects may appear in the software delivered to the end user.

Trendsetter: Rechannel's platform scales for future growth

For fashion brands and designers, managing wholesale orders with retailers can be a convoluted process. Organising product lines and stock availability can require endless back and forth between brand and retailer, meaning orders often take weeks to process – a bottleneck for the fast moving fashion industry...

How to increase your conversions with Magento Enterprise

Here at Session Digital we don’t only built new Magento Enterprise solutions, we also take on clients with an existing Magento solution in place. These often need some TLC both on the solution and the technical side of things. We often come up against vast amount of modules and customisations to offer functionality that could often have been met by simply using Magento’s out of the box (OOTB) functionality correctly. Below are five features that you may not be familiar with, or have enough knowledge about, to use it efficiently...

From developer to CEO ... really?

I decided to start writing my own blog as I wanted to share my business experience with young ambitious entrepreneurs in the Hi-tech industry. There are many blogs written by CEOs out there, but they’re often full of dry content (a lot of tax advice and office purchases). Those things are important, but as a young entrepreneur, I wanted to hear the real stories of building a 200-strong workforce, how to actually secure a merger, and how to support a company culture. I hope this blog will provide this to budding entrepreneurs, but also offer some insight to my peers who face the same challenges and opportunities I do as the CEO of an extremely fast-growing IT services company.

Empathy: the diference between product ownership and scope creep

When practicing Agile, the product owner (PO) role is designed to represent the client business in the development team. From a technical standpoint, the product owner lends focus to the team. From the customer standpoint, the product owner adds an increasing degree of accountability to the day-by-day and to the project as a whole. The product owner is more than critical to the outcome of the project.

5 simple tips on starting a new scrum team

As many companies within the IT industry move away from Waterfall/PRINCE 2 and more towards Agile/Scrum, it can be hard for project managers and Scrum teams to know what the best approaches are for a new Scrum team. There is a lot of information online that provides information about what Scrum is, what tools are available, and what the Scrum process is. I have worked in the digital/ IT industry as project manager/ business analyst since 2005 and have worked with Scrum since joining Inviqa at the start of February 2014. The transition has been a steep learning curve and in this article I will share some of the practices I have learnt to improve Scrum team efficiency.

Personalising the customer experience with Magento Enterprise

Do you know what your customers are looking for before they visit your site? Too many retailers fail to understand what their customers want to see. They try hard to cater for the “average person” in an attempt reach as many people as possible, but the “average person” doesn’t exist. Retailers should understand who their customers are and provide an experience personalised to them. So how do you provide valuable content to visitors as individuals?