The challenge

Acne is an iconic Swedish fashion house founded in 1996. As well as its online store, Acne also has retail stores around the globe.

Acne turned to us when it wanted to expand its online fashion business into Europe. Acne's existing site was built on Magento and rich with features and functionality, but it struggled with performance and a suitable design to support its couture image internationally.

What we did

In order for Acne to trade effectively across Europe, we began by improving the site performance and server architecture. Affecting a new theme on Magento Enterprise, we refreshed the design and implemented a series of new functions. The new site uses Rackspace’s RackConnect, which gives Acne flexibility to manage traffic spikes by simply switching on extra web servers when needed.

In keeping with its edgy yet elegant visage, we designed a crisp and clear website to capture Acne's brand essence. As well as desktop, we designed a responsive mobile site perfected to the pixel for trend-setters to access Acne anytime, anywhere.

Befitting the fast-paced world of fashion, the deadlines were short and the work was demanding, but Inviqa went onto become Acne's long-term technical partner, fulfilling its specialised requirements.