• Single sign-on for Channel 5 visitors
  • Backend system integration
  • Extensive collaboration

The challenge

Channel 5 commissioned Inviqa to build a single sign-on service to its many websites, giving users easy, secure access to multiple systems, a key part of the overall service-oriented architecture. The project was delivered on time to a tight schedule.

'We have good personal relationships with Inviqa. They are easy to work with and they have been very proactive, feeding into our processes – how we test, how we develop, how we integrate with the hosting platform. Everything is tried and tested and so efficient. It’s a great relationship'.

Francois Chabat, technology manager, Channel 5

What we did

As the relationship developed, Inviqa was commissioned to work on the main Five site, both the backend systems and a moderation service tool. Five was a pioneer in enabling users to comment on programmes in real-time. The Inviqa team built a moderation tool that allowed the Channel 5 team to vet unacceptable content, spanned all sites and paved the way for other broadcasters to adopt real-time user feedback.