• Bringing all public sites onto one platform
  • New intranet across organisation
  • Improving communication both internal and external

The challenge

Ladbrokes owned multiple websites, all managed via separate content management systems (CMS). Its supporting codebase per site was fragmented leading to rising maintenance costs and slow pace of change.

What we did

Inviqa overhauled Ladbroke’s entire online portfolio by building a new CMS on top of Ladbroke’s custom framework. The new CMS brought simplicity to previous disorder and support multiple websites and languages. A fine-grained permission system ensure site editors can control the appropriate levels of access and ensure each market can deliver the most targeted content to its users.

As a separate project, Inviqa helped to build and introduced a new intranet for Ladbrokes. The new CMS included a people director, knowledge base, search function, social activities, calendars/events, communications, marketplace (eBay integration), and more, which now helps improve internal communication across the organisation.