We helped beauty brand Lush transform the customer experience, fuelling online growth and cementing the retailer’s reputation as an original and innovative brand:
  • Transforming CX in ecommerce
  • Pioneering content-driven commerce
  • Recognised at The Webby Awards

The challenge

Recognised for its organic ingredients, passionate values, and charitable endeavours, Lush is one of the UK’s most beloved homegrown brands, renowned for shaking up the beauty industry.

The first thing that hits you when entering the retailer’s offline stores is their aroma and the tactile, sensory experiences on offer, from enticing store layouts, to live product demonstrations that allow shoppers to touch and feel products.

Lush wanted to bring this bold, sensory experience to the world of online shopping by overhauling its existing online shop. The last thing Lush wanted was a standard ecommerce store selling tubs of indistinguishable products.

Instead, its team wanted to create an editorial-led website that would use video, GIFS, and striking copy to engage visitors with its brand narrative, rather than brazenly pushing a path to checkout.

What we did

Inviqa worked with Lush’s in-house digital team and other digital partners to deliver a brand-new website in line with the retailer’s distinctive branding and emphasis on engaging, sensory customer experiences.

The new site offers an engaging, content-rich user experience aided by the likes of ‘behind the scenes’ photos, vibrant videos, and educational copy on its product ingredients. Products are taken out of their containers, GIFs show them in action, and colourful imagery and quirky copywriting brings them to life.

The website, which was put together using a design-led approach and live style guide, makes optimal use of Lush’s colourful imagery and quirky copywriting. It’s populated with a mix of editorial, political, and product content, and the homepage uses this blend to great effect, rather than simply pushing product ranges.

Call-to-actions are editorially-driven, and the focus throughout is on story-telling and immersion. Users are encouraged to explore how Lush products are made, vote for limited-edition products, and explore Lush’s humanitarian and environmental projects.

Under the hood, the site is powered by Drupal Commerce, has a fully responsive design, and flexible hosting that allows the site to scale quickly with rising traffic levels.

The Body Shop feels like an ecommerce site that happens to be branded as the Body Shop. Lush feels like...Lush's website that happens to sell stuff, too. There's a big difference.

Ben David, Econsultancy

The results

The new Lush site experienced a dramatic spike in traffic and conversion and has resonated with a growing community of customers leading to continued online growth.

Once considered a niche beauty brand, the retailer has broken through to the mainstream and is considered one of the most progressive brands when it comes to customer experience.

Following the site’s success, Inviqa went on to develop the brand site’s social integration, enterprise search, a shop locator, and APIs to power the LUSH mobile app. We also carried out vital integrations with the retailer’s warehouse, logistics, and customer service systems.

With its pioneering approach to content-driven commerce and powerful storytelling, the Lush website has received numerous industry accolades and was recognised at The Webby Awards, hailed as the ‘Internet’s highest honor’ by The New York Times.