The challenge

FTSE-250-listed PZ Cussons is one of the world’s leading personal healthcare and consumer goods manufacturers. Its portfolio spans four continents and includes household names such as Imperial Leather, St.Tropez, Fudge Urban, Original Source and Cussons Baby.

Despite its large brand portfolio and extensive global presence, PZ Cussons had little interaction with end users. To improve its digital engagement, the organisation formed a partnership with Inviqa to develop its global digital brand environments by launching new brand sites in more than 10 countries.

PZ Cussons needed:

  • A scalable platform to support multiple brand environments in multiple geographies
  • A robust foundation to begin selling direct to consumers
  • To combine content and commerce to drive user engagement
  • To be able to support re-sellers with product information and news
  • To cater for global range of mobile devices including regions with limited smart-device penetrability

What we did

With Magento Enterprise at its core, the Inviqa team built a flexible platform to support PZ Cussons’ portfolio of sites. For an organisation with the size and scope of PZ Cussons, the ability to replicate and launch localised sites for specific markets as well as global brand sites is crucial to the management of its global digital brand environments.

Making the most of Magento’s adaptability, the Inviqa team integrated reusable components, custom modules and templates to make it easy for PZ Cussons to launch new global brand and regional-specific sites within hours.

A centralised platform also allows PZ Cussons’ brand and regional marketing teams to create promotions and campaigns across multiple sites in their control. A central administration portal ensures global managers can also review its online presence where necessary.

The results

Based on a shared and single scalable platform, PZ Cussons has increased control of its digital presence. With a mix of transactional and content-based sites, it can switch on ecommerce functionality directly to consumers at both brand and regional level almost instantaneously.

Inviqa and PZ Cussons have launched more than 30 sites worldwide for over 10 brands with more underway, all responsively designed to meet the varying demands of mobile users across the world.

Visit Original SourceCoolWorldSt.Tropez or Rafferty’s Garden to see a sample of the live sites in action.