Enabling a Scottish Government organisation to work better, together:
  • 250% rise in dwell time

  • Staff reading up from 30% to 85%
  • Recognised at 2017 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards

The challenge

Funded by the Scottish Government, Scottish Natural Heritage’s (SNH) mission is to promote, care for, improve, and sustainably use Scotland’s wildlife, habitats, and landscapes.

But the organisation’s great work was being constrained by unproductive working practices and a lack of two-way engagement. The communications team was struggling to provide timely updates on key news and business critical updates, and finding relevant content quickly was a daily struggle for staff.

With a legacy of siloed systems, Scottish Natural Heritage needed an integrated digital workplace that would make daily tasks simpler and would support more flexible working practices.

With the government’s emphasis on services built using open standards, Scottish Natural Heritage was looking for an open and flexible intranet to deliver a joined-up digital strategy that could support organisational change. But with limited budget and staffing resources, SNH decided SharePoint was not the right solution for its needs.

Looking for a single technology to bring its website and intranet projects closer together, SNH selected Atrium, an open-source, Drupal platform capable of building complex intranets, extranets, and community portals.

The next challenge was finding the right supplier to help build and implement an Atrium solution tailored to the organisation’s needs.

Inviqa fully met our needs, and a lot more besides! Our most important content is now found, reviewed, and communicated from a single source of truth.

Martin Stubbs-Partridge, communications officer, Scottish Natural Heritage

What we did

With its focus on the problems Scottish Natural Heritage wanted to overcome, at a cost it could afford, Inviqa stood out as SNH’s technology supplier of choice.

Our work with Scottish Natural Heritage formed three phases:

  • Discovery: workshops with key stakeholders to gain a deep understanding of the project goals and how success would be measured to help prioritise and inform decisions
  • Atrium customisation and implementation
  • Integration of various disparate systems and data sources for a superior user experience

The partnership with Inviqa also led to the introduction of Agile working practices at SNH.

'Agile was completely new to the organisation’, explains Martin Stubbs-Partridge, communications officer at Scottish Natural Heritage. ‘We’re now able to securely introduce Kanban practices across a greater number of pilot teams, reaping benefits way beyond the original scope of the project'.

We're delighted to have achieved a global award for this project. It shows the value of our ongoing relationship with Inviqa.

Martin Stubbs-Partridge, communications officer, Scottish Natural Heritage

The results

Thanks to our collaboration, Scottish Natural Heritage now has a digital workplace that is driving immediate ROI savings and uncovering longer-term opportunities.

On its first day of launch the workspace received 2,200 visits from 659 users spending an average 16 minutes per session – with a total 9,600 visits secured in the first week.

Key achievements year-on-year include:
  • 250% increase in average dwell time for the ‘Social Room’ collaboration space and increase in overall dwell time
  • 50% increase in number of visits to the internal information library
  • Securing an average session length of 12 minutes
  • Securing an average 4.5 page views per session
  • Compliance with mandatory read articles up from 30% to 85%

The new workplace puts users at the heart, allowing them to get things done, work better together, and be more digitally connected.

Key features of the intranet include a homepage that shows organisation-wide content, such as news from the press centre and featured blog posts, and an information library offering easy search and filtering to access the organisation’s most important content.

Thanks to complex data integrations, colleagues no longer struggle to connect with one another. A staff directory enables colleagues to find a specific person by name or other criteria, such as department, location and skill. And finding relevant information is less of a headache. The most important content within the document management system is now easily searchable and supports the organisation’s authentication and authorisation needs.

Scottish Natural Heritage and Inviqa were recognised at the Step Two 2017 Intranet and Digital Workplace Awards for their ‘outstanding contribution to the fields of intranets and digital workplaces’.