Our consultants and technologists helped Soak&Sleep dramatically improve site performance and boost online revenue:
  • Speed improvements of up to 30%
  • 16% YOY rise in mobile conversion
  • 5% rise in online revenue

The challenge

With its focus on product quality, fair pricing, and excellent customer service, Soak&Sleep has made a name for itself as the UK’s favourite bed and bath brand. But with a website plagued by performance issues, Soak&Sleep urgently needed to improve site speed to drive conversion and capitalise on Black Friday sales.

Soak&Sleep had enlisted the help of an ecommerce agency to move its Magento site onto the new, fully-supported Magento 2 platform. But following the website replatforming, Soak&Sleep was seeing a significant drop in sales.

A closer look revealed that the website code was far from clean, and that page loading times often exceeded 12 seconds, which was having a negative impact on conversion. Page load times were higher still on mobile.

Attracted by our Magento 2 expertise, award-winning software developers, and our experience helping brands like Graze to transform site speed, Soak&Sleep enlisted Inviqa’s services to rapidly achieve its strategic goals for improving site speed and performance.

Just a week after implementing the changes, the Soak&Sleep website saw speed improvements of up to 30%

Ecommerce director

What we did

Our work with Soak&Sleep started with Discovery workshops with all the relevant project stakeholders to identify and clarify business objectives, risks, and how success would be measured to help prioritise and inform decisions. We then conducted a detailed site performance audit to surface and prioritise opportunities to improve site speed.

The audit produced a backlog of changes to the front- and back-end to improve speed through the likes of remedial work and improvements to the code base, to a menu redesign and other feature additions.

We also coordinated a meeting with the team at Google to surface further mobile-focused opportunities to improve site performance.

  • Implementation of lazy-load images
  • Image size optimisation including installation of Magento 2 image plugin
  • A clean-up of extensions
  • Minimising the assets required to achieve faster site load time
  • Addition of extension to handle WYSIWYG imagery
  • Limiting PayPal express checkout JavaScript files to checkout pages only
  • Menu redesign and other design changes and feature additions

The results

Just a week after implementing the changes, the Soak&Sleep website saw speed improvements of up to 30%, plus a 6% rise in average order value and 5% rise in online revenue.

What’s more, speed improvements contributed to a 16% year-on-year rise in mobile conversion rates and a 20% rise in direct traffic transactions. Soak&Sleep went on to secure a record-breaking Black Friday.

Our consultants helped the Soak&Sleep team to plan and organise a backlog to fulfill business requirements and work towards achieving its broader strategic goals.

More importantly, we enabled Soak&Sleep to establish a programme of continuous improvement works to ensure that its site continues to delight shoppers while supporting the business goals.