• 70+ sites
  • API and heavy payment integrations
  • Auto-scaling for emergency support

The challenge

A mix of payment systems and processes across the 70+ sites run by the WFP was slowing the WFP’s ability to collect donations and distribute its resources to those in need as quickly as possible. Successful media campaigns for donations meant it also faced performance and scalability challenges.

What we did

In 2013 the organisation appointed Inviqa as one of its long-term technical partners. Inviqa began by building a Zend framework-based API to serve the WFP’s major donation sources and integrated multiple payment gateways to ensure that not only could donations be made, but also that the WFP complied with local tax rulings.

To ensure the API remains operational even during times of peak load, the Inviqa team introduced auto scaling. The API uses AWS’s Elastic Beanstalk to automatically add server capacity during high load and shrink back when payment numbers stabilise. This ensures the WFP can collect donations and distribute its aid to emergency zones as quickly as possible.

The results

The projects to date have helped the WFP streamline its payments process, grow its donation partner network, effectively support the influx from media campaigns, and direct donations to particular causes within its program.

Inviqa continues to support the WFP as one of its long-term technology partners.