Data & analytics consulting

Mining data and applying that insight is key to understanding whether your digital products are hitting the mark. But knowing how and what to test is a discipline that requires practice and investment in the right tool and processes for your organisation.

Our data and analytics services equip you with the learning and insight you need to continually improve the products you deliver:

  • Performance improvement audits
  • Workshops, training, and coaching
  • Google Analytics technical audits
  • Google measurement protocol
  • Measurement workshops
  • Enhanced ecommerce coaching
  • Google Tag Manager services
  • Dashboard creation & consulting 
  • Conversion rate optimization


Trusted technology partner
Trusted technology partner
Actionable insight

Actionable insight

Our analytics consulting gives your organisation a strategic, tactical, and operational advantage.

Strategic: How you measure and report your digital products against defined business goals.

Tactical: Review your current performance, identifying your actions with the highest potential to improve your service.

Operational: Gain the knowledge and processes you need to monitor performance of your business functions against strategic goals.

Actionable insight

Performance improvement audits

Conducted by our experienced consultants, our independent audits go down to the code level to uncover where you can improve the performance of your digital products. We work with your team to help you identify what strategies and targets are working, and what needs to change.

Our consultants uncover where your customers are struggling with your services, putting in place a learning and testing infrastructure that allows you to continually improve your products.

Performance improvements
Performance improvements
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InviqaPerform© is a proprietry set of products and services by Inviqa that rapidly serves you the information you need to assess the performance of your digital products against defined business goals. InviqaPerform© ensures you have the insight to deliver improvements to your products.

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Creating value through data

By making sense of your data you can create impactful decisions which can help identify what works.

  • Using a fusion of technology, experience and intelligence to engage, convert and retain customers.  
  • By transferring our data processes and experience we help our customers teams punch above their weight.
  • We analyse results and automate tasks that don’t add value to free you up to focus on your customers and how to make more money from your site.

You can find out more about how we store and process personal data in our privacy policy.