Improving digital experiences

With so many ways of reaching your customers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing on individual customer touchpoints, rather than on the task of delivering integrated customer journeys.

Our customer insight services are designed to provide an end-to-end view of how customers are interacting with your digital product or service. We help you better understand their needs and expectations, how your service is performing, and the improvements you need to make to unlock better customer experiences.

We empower businesses to understand customer behaviours in real time, using clean, reliable data to drive decision-making and highlight areas of concern and improvement opportunities.

Then, with complexity, cost and your business goals in mind, we help you prioritise those improvements and establish where to concentrate your efforts to align your product with your customers’ expectations.

What we do

  • Mine and apply data to demonstrate whether your digital products are hitting the mark
  • Equip businesses with the learning and testing infrastructure they need to continually improve digital products or services using industry best practice
  • Site performance, security, and independent code audits
  • Google Analytics technical audits and Tag Manager services
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Empower organisations to back every business decision with data
  • Heuristics testing and CX prototyping  
  • Optimise mobile apps and websites for speed and performance
  • Ensure stable site performance during peak trading and traffic spikes

  • Aid partner selection process to suggest suitable third parties to enrich platform

Why us?

  • Our customer insight drives tangible business outcomes
  • We helped Missguided grow from a £7 million startup into a £100 million retail giant, for example, and Dreams rocketed from a £8 million to £40 million enterprise with our help.
  • We help businesses to leverage best practice analytics and propel their business. With our help, for example, jewellery business Astrid & Miyu secured a 186% rise in sales over 12 months as a direct result of website improvements and optimisation


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Our work

From digital roadmap development, to ecommerce consulting, our services help organisations achieve their goals.

What does an engagement with Inviqa look like?

When it comes to our customer insight services, an engagement with Inviqa could include measurement workshops, training, coaching, heuristics testing, or the creation of an analytics dashboard that captures the key insights you need to track the performance of your service. It all depends on what you’re trying to achieve.

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What insight can Inviqa help my business gain?

Our consultants can shed light on where customers are struggling with your services. We mine the data you need to profile your current customers and their behaviours. We can help you understand who they are, and provide insight into the trends and market patterns to prepare for changing customer behaviours.

Our analytics consulting gives your organisation a strategic, tactical, and operational advantage. We help businesses measure and report their digital products against defined business goals. We’ll review your current performance, identifying your actions with the highest potential to improve your service. You’ll gain the knowledge and processes you need to monitor the performance of your business functions against strategic goals.

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