• New multimedia platform looks to differentiate through digital
  • Inviqa delivers powerful publishing platform for unique content delivery
  • The Pool is recognised for technical innovation by The Drum

Founded by Sam Baker, former editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan, and BBC Radio 6’s Lauren Laverne, The Pool is a pioneering digital publication for women ‘too busy to browse’. Inspired by the radio broadcast model, original content – on everything from politics, to film and fashion – is published during specified timeframes to enhance its relevance to readers.

The challenge

The Pool required a powerful technology framework to support its unique model. Content needed to operate on a radio-broadcast-style schedule, with regular ‘drops’ throughout the day and night. With many of the publication’s contributors needing to publish directly into the content management system, it was imperative that content editors had access to a simple, easy-to-use administrative system supporting a powerful publication workflow.

With a strong focus on how its content is consumed, The Pool was looking to deliver a differentiated user experience that makes it easy and enjoyable for readers to find relevant content at the right time, regardless of whether they’re browsing on a laptop or a mobile.

Finding a solution

We built a fully-responsive website using a powerful publishing platform based on the Pimcore framework. Pimcore – a flexible, open source content management framework – was chosen to meet The Pool’s complex demands since its framework-based architecture enables bespoke functionality.

The administrative system for content editors is straightforward and includes a publication workflow, so content can be approved by The Pool's editorial team. The administrative system replicates the look and feel of the actual templates, providing content areas that can be edited, and drop zones that can be populated with different types of media. The result is a simple, powerful content management experience.

The Pool’s content is housed in a groundbreaking ‘timed wheel’, a mechanic that allows users to scroll back and forth to view the day’s programme.To ensure the broadcast model was incorporated into the technology, we built a broadcasting tool to automatically post content at the correct times.

The frontend stack was chosen to ensure the performance was quick and mobile-optimised for a powerful user experience, irrespective of device. NEAT – built for Bourbon and LESS, two technologies created to speed the styling of HTML templates – provided a responsive framework for highly-customised, responsive experiences.

The results

Following the site launch, The Pool has gained recognition as a pioneering new media platform that puts the needs of its readers first. The publication was awarded the 'Technical innovation' accolade at The Drum Online Media Awards 2016, The Webby People’s Choice award for 'Best lifestyle mobile site and app' in 2017, and was a winner in the 7th Annual Lovie Awards for ‘Websites, Lifestyle’ and ‘Mobile Sites, Apps & Podcasts, Lifestyle’.

The technology

  • Pimcore, an open-source content management framework
  • Varnish cache, to boost site performance
  • Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute, for handling heavy site traffic
  • elasticsearch, an extremely scalable search technology


This case study was originally published under Byng, which merged with Inviqa in October 2016. Click here for more information about the merger.