Byredo was the first UK retailer to launch an online store on Magento 2, driving average order value growth of 160%:
  • Transactions up by 30%
  • Average order value up by 160%
  • First UK retailer to launch Magento 2 site

The challenge

Luxury perfume brand Byredo is part of the Manzanita group, which is home to retailers including Space NK and Diptyque. With many of its brands using different technology platforms, the group wanted to standardise its ecommerce operations and prepare for its next phase of growth.

To achieve this, the group needed a global ecommerce platform that could integrate with shared systems, but offer bespoke storefronts for each brand. The arrival of Magento 2 in late 2015 offered just that, as well as:

  • Flexibility and customisation
  • No need to upgrade in the next few years
  • The opportunity to be a pioneer as one of the first brands on the platform

What we did

Recommended by Magento, Inviqa was appointed to design, build, and launch Byredo’s new online store.

As Rob Bostock, director of technology at Space NK, puts it: ‘We were impressed by Inviqa’s client list and experience. Byredo is not a traditional perfumer; it’s an innovative and fast-moving brand, and so it made sense to be the first site in the UK to launch on the new Magento 2 platform'.

The Inviqa team began building the new Byredo site with the Magento 2 beta in mid-2015. As a luxury brand that sets itself apart from its traditional counterparts, ensuring the designs were perfectly captured in the front-end development was a priority.

Careful consideration was given to creating a site with a variety of templates for future use including pure content pages where the Byredo team could offer further product information and high-quality images to guide users as they browsed.

Four regional sites were built to cover Byredo’s primary markets, complete with localised content and currency options. The sites were integrated with two warehouses and relevant systems with further plans to integrate with Manzanita's shared systems.

Inviqa gave us the opportunity to grow all our brands with the most advanced ecommerce technology in the market.

Rob Bostock, director of technology, Space NK

The results

The new site launched alongside the general release of Magento 2 in late November 2015 making it the UK’s first ever site on the new platform. The design is minimalist and embodies the Byredo brand vision to the pixel, and the user experience is intuitive and smooth.

The results of the new site versus the old speak for themselves:

  • Transactions up by 30%
  • Average order value up by 160%

'We’ve seen a significant uplift in order volume since the launch, making the Byredo project an exceptional start to Manzanita's ecommerce evolution', says Rob Bostock.