About Spryker

Wondering whether Spryker is right for your organisation? Unsure how Spryker differs from other ecommerce solutions?

Look no further! Here we sit down with Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin to ask your burning questions and get the full Spryker story.

Next-generation commerce

A three second delay can make the difference between converting or losing a customer. That’s why your site’s performance directly impacts your success as an etailer.

The Spryker commerce platform is the latest, market-leading platform to be added to Inviqa’s portfolio. An easily extendable commerce framework, Spryker is proven to perform in the most complex and demanding environments, outstripping alternative platforms when exposed to high traffic volumes.

Agile commerce

Spryker is ideally suited to enterprises and category leaders looking for a next-generation ecommerce platform. You could be a pure-player, multi-channel, or marketplace – or perhaps you’re simply undergoing digital transformation.  An easily extendable core allows for a high degree of customisation and agility, so you can respond and adapt to the ever-changing behaviour of your customers and markets – quickly and easily.

What makes Spryker unique:

  • A modular framework that’s easy to customise
  • Extensible architecture over multiple feature sets
  • Built on a philosophy of performance
  • Open code distribution

Commerce expertise

Inviqa has always been at the forefront of ecommerce development, implementing platforms and engineering systems to help leading brands and organisations engage, convert and retain their customers. Our software engineers are supported by a team of business analysts, UX specialists, consultants, project managers, and designers – an award-winning combination that sees us support some of the largest organisations worldwide. We’re proud to be the UK’s first and only implementation partner for the Spryker Commerce platform.