About Graze

Graze, the healthy snack company, has caused a stir in the food industry since its launch in 2009. Its subscription-based service has seen over 1,500 product variations delivered through customers’ letterboxes across the UK and, since 2013, to homes in the US.

The brand puts great emphasis on its use of data and customer feedback to push ahead with new recipes, roll back underperforming products, and constantly measure the results. It’s an agile strategy that has made Graze such a successful brand, and its team decided to use the same technique for its latest expansion: offering customers an alternative to its subscription model.

Customer choice

Graze approached Inviqa for help creating an ecommerce site that would give users the chance to purchase individual products without the need for a subscription. The move would not only give customers more control over the products they would receive, but also allow Graze’s product team to experiment with boxes larger than the letterbox-friendly size required by the subscription service. 

Enter Magento 2

As a tech-focused company, the Graze team was aware of the impending release of Magento 2, a significant update to the already successful ecommerce platform.

'The beauty of Magento 2 is its balance of features – such as high performance, scalability, and improved checkout functionalities - along with the ability to modify and integrate it into our own technology. Inviqa’s Magento expertise and connections made it the ideal partner to work with Graze.com in a beta capacity'.

Edd Read, former CTO at Graze

Both Graze and Inviqa used a ‘build, measure, learn’ approach to development that resulted in Inviqa building the new Graze shop alongside its main website. Here's a video of Edd describing Graze's experiences with Magento 2 so far. 

Launch and effect

The new Graze shop launched in beta in November 2015, one day after Magento 2’s general release, making it one of the first sites in the world to pioneer the new platform.

The new ecommerce store generated £3 million in incremental sales revenue in the first 12 months and customers can now order the exact products they wish without the need to subscribe.

Inviqa’s ‘build, measure, learn’ approach was key to getting the Graze shop to market quickly so that Graze could start measuring and learning as soon as possible. This approach has supported Graze’s phenomenal online growth and saw Inviqa recognised by ecommerce platform provider Magento at the 2017 Imagine Excellence Awards.

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