About Missguided

Missguided’s growth has rocketed with an ever-evolving catalogue of fast fashion and celebrity-inspired trends to recently winning the best clothes, shoes and fashion ecommerce award at the Ecommerce Awards for Excellence. Championed by a strong online presence, Missguided has quickly established itself as a leading online fashion retailer.

The challenge

Missguided turned to us when it discovered its large advertising campaigns were driving thousands of users to its site, but resulting in high levels of abandoned baskets.  

'We used agencies that coded our site badly and we had so much more traffic than we expected', said Nitin Passi, CEO, in an interview with the Sunday Times. 'The website was going down and customers were getting affected'. 

Our solution

We began with a comprehensive code audit which resulted in us refactoring the site’s code. Once stabilised, we set up a new hardware infrastructure and introduced a robust development process.  

The ground-up refactoring of the website had the following effects:  

  • Visits increased by 18%, boosting conversion rates by an incredible 73%
  • 104% increase in transactions over the 2012 Christmas period  

We also launched a mobile site to deliver Missguided’s rapid fashion to shoppers on the move.

Going global

Once the UK site had been stabilised, Missguided began to outline its plans for international expansion. To enable its ambitious growth plans, we revamped and restructured its server stack to sustain the anticipated spike of traffic.

We propelled Missguided across three continents with sites in the US, Australia and Europe with multiple currency options and localised shipping. Alongside a central European site, we also deployed a desktop site specific to the French market in the local language to progress its ecommerce activity in a critical region for the business.

Phenomenal sales for Cyber Weekend

The Cyber Weekend of 2015 was a crucial date for Missguided. In previous years, the site had suffered downtime with just a few thousand users. It now needed to support a predicted £1 million of transactions.

In the event, Missguided smashed its sales targets and recorded:

  • Over £1m in sales in one day and a 180% uplift in sales year-on-year
  • Zero downtime thanks to Inviqa’s thorough scalability preparations and on-call support team

'We are thrilled with our strong performance over the cyber weekend', said Nitin Passi. 'This is a testament to the hard work we have been doing over the last year in improving our product offer and mix and the performance of our platform.'

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