We're more than just engineers

Since 2007, Inviqa has specialised in building complex, mission-critical web and mobile applications that directly address business challenges. We have an unrivalled team, comprising over 160 professionals who are dedicated to solving the individual problems faced by your organisation, but Inviqa is more than just a team of engineers.

Although our roots are grounded in quality software engineering, our project teams also include Business Analysts, Technical Team Leads, Quality Assurance Engineers and specialist technical consultants including our BDD Practice Manager. This combination is designed to deliver superior quality projects to help you achieve your business goals.

Our approach

We also strongly believe that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to development, which is why we place such great emphasis on technical consultancy as well as build.

Our Agile approach to engineering, supported by our tenacity for value-driven development ensures we deliver projects that are on time, within budget, and demonstrate tangible ROI for your stakeholders.

Services we provide


Inviqa has worked on some of the UK’s best-known web and mobile applications, including the BBC’s iPlayer and William Hill's mobile portal.

Technical debt / legacy issues

Inviqa has a history of helping large organisations overcome technical debt and legacy issues to improve scalability and maintainability.

System integrations

We have delivered a host of complex integrations, including sophisticated ERP system and reporting software for FTSE 250-listed PZ Cussons.

Technical support

With up to 1 million visitors ready to hit the Comic Relief site during a fundraising evening, Inviqa helped the charity scale for enormous traffic peaks - and beat its fundraising targets.

Our clients

BBC           Feel Unique          Comic Relief           PZ 

“We undertook a very intense programme of work covering multiple brands globally and Inviqa has delivered this beyond our expectations. They have a great team and a wealth of experience in digital technology projects, mobile development and UX which has been reflected in the projects they have delivered to date for PZ Cussons.”

Anthony Duffin, Head of Digital Solutions (PZ Cussons)

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