William Hill launches innovation hub to bring new digital products to the betting industry:
  • Digital portal opens William Hill APIs and betting data to developers around the world
  • Drives increase in number of digital product prototypes submitted to William Hill by startups and external developers

The challenge

As the world’s largest bookmaker, William Hill maintains its competitive edge by continually finding news ways to enhance the betting experiences of its customers.

As such, the business wanted to develop a platform that would make it easy for its in-house developers to experiment with William Hill betting technology and data, and to submit ideas and prototypes for new digital products. In this way, William Hill would be able to drive innovation and bring exciting new betting experiences to its customers.

But William Hill realised it would gain an even greater advantage over its competitors if the platform also enabled pioneering start-ups and external developers to access betting and pricing data in the same way, and to propose their own prototypes to William Hill.

The platform would therefore need to act as an external portal using APIs to open-up the organisation's betting data to developers worldwide, all whilst allowing the bookmaker to maintain control of its content.

In keeping with its ethos of openness, the bookmaker was keen to build the platform using flexible, open-source technology that would enable William Hill to quickly try new ideas and easily add new features and components as needed.

What we did

Within months, Inviqa built WHLabs, an innovation portal based on the open-source web content management system Drupal.

Using Drupal’s extensive module ecosystem Inviqa ensured editorial control for the William Hill site owners, whilst providing easy access to APIs and an easy-to-use support helpdesk for external developers interested in developing applications and products using William Hill data.

Despite a rigid deadline, the team at Inviqa went the extra mile to help us achieve our goals, taking the time to help us advise, define, and deliver on our vision for WHLabs.

Mike Pecksen, product integration manager, William Hill

The results

With WHLabs William Hill has a compelling way to identify and develop innovative new products for the betting industry, bringing new and exciting experiences to its customers.

The portal was launched in record time with responsive design, high-quality video and imagery, and increased controls for William Hill’s online team.

By choosing to open up its betting data to third parties and developer partners via system APIs, William Hill has paved the way for innovative applications and world-class betting experiences.

WHLabs immediately triggered a rise in the number of product ideas submitted to the bookmaker.

Equipped with a stable, customisable site, the William Hill team can continue to build a community around its developer portal and increase the number of APIs and developer tools available to the public.

The portal has also served as a launchpad for dedicated start-up accelerator programmes and other initiatives.