About Spryker

Wondering whether Spryker is right for your organisation? Unsure how Spryker differs from other ecommerce solutions?

Look no further! Here we sit down with Spryker CEO Boris Lokschin to ask your burning questions and get the full Spryker story.

Spryker Inviqa ecommerce partner

Agile ecommerce

Spryker is proven to perform in the most complex and demanding environments, outstripping alternative platforms when exposed to high traffic volumes.

With an architecture that separates frontend apps and backend capabilities, Spryker brings agility to your ecommerce strategy – whether you're a pure-player, multi-channel, or marketplace.

The Spryker Commerce backend provides a powerful, decoupled foundation for your digital products, while frontend apps enable you to quickly adapt to the ever-changing behaviour of your customers and markets.

  • Easily extendable core that's easy to customise
  • Extensible architecture with multiple feature sets 
  • Enables continuous improvement & agility 
  • Modular core prevents unnecessary updates & maintenance work
  • Supports multiple touchpoints including mobile apps, bots, and blockchain 
  • Open code distribution


Spryker Inviqa ecommerce partner

Spryker services

We deliver outstanding results across a range of key areas including:

  • Spryker implementation
  • Ecommerce planning & strategy
  • Creative origination & brand development
  • Integration
  • Critical application & first line support
  • Ongoing site revenue optimisation
  • User engagement & UX
  • User training, support & analytics


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