Professional Services

Inviqa offers specialist PHP consulting services to companies using PHP for their business-critical applications. Our PHP consultants can provide you with the following services:

  • Technical consultancy on the LAMP environment

  • PHP Application Audits with various focuses: performance, security, support...... you decide

  • PHP Migration Services

Problems in Scaling and Growing

What initially seems to be a small PHP application frequently grows into a mission-critical system. When this occurs, further development may lack structure and lead to many problems. For example, a developer may fail to take into account a large increase in visitors, or, due to time restraints, the code may not be structured carefully enough, or documentation may fail to meet the appropriate standards.

Tailored Advice

All our PHP consultants have years of experience working with complex, mission-critical web applications. They are familiar with best practices, and know exactly which areas to focus on. Whether you are concerned about scalability, performance improvements or architecture, you can rest assured that our consultant knows the subject matter deeply and comprehensively.

Inviqa PHP consulting also covers areas such as team development, implementation of source control and test-driven development, as well as productivity-enhancing tools, such as frameworks and commercial software. The schedule and the topics of the sessions will be planned and built around your needs.

To find out more, please contact us on 020 3179 9555 or fill in our contact form.