Inviqa provides specialist technical consulting to enterprise-level companies using PHP for their business-critical applications. Since 2007 we’ve helped build, fix and improve complex open source solutions for large businesses, with services ranging from building portals or mobile applications to improving performance or security consulting.

Whether you are concerned about scalability, performance improvements or architecture, you can rest assured that our PHP consultants know the subject matter deeply and comprehensively. 

Our team of over 160 professionals has unrivalled experience with PHP and have worked alongside some of the world’s biggest brands, including the BBC, PZ Cussons, Comic Relief and many more.

Consulting services we provide:

Technical consultancy

We’ve consulted on a host of issues for clients, including legacy code, technical debt, security, maintainability, scalability, performance and continuous integration.

PHP Audits

We’ve audited a host of applications and websites and have helped to deliver considerable improvements in performance, scalability and various other areas for the likes of Cable & Wireless, Softonic and iCabbi. 

Security Audits

Inviqa has delivered comprehensive security audits to a host of enterprise-level clients, helping to quickly uncover and resolve underlying issues.

Why choose Inviqa?

In addition to our development team, we also have a team of QAs, Project Managers, Business Analysts, A BDD Practice Manager and Account Managers.

We adopt behaviour driven development across all of our projects, allowing us to better understand your requirements, align work with business goals and improve communication.


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“The audit process itself was professionally run and we were able to implement some quick wins. The action we’ve taken since the audit has further improved efficiencies and reduced costs, which will help to ensure we remain the most advanced cloud-based dispatch provider in this competitive and technically challenging market. In getting an independent review we’ve proved that iCabbi is using the best techniques and approaches available."

Niall O’Callaghan, CTO.

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