A blueprint for action

Know where your business wants to go with digital? Now it’s time to develop a coherent plan to get there.

Having the right strategic roadmap in place is key to making your business goals a reality. Whether you’re looking to improve mobile conversion or expand your international presence, a digital roadmap provides a blueprint for action that aligns your digital initiatives with short- and longer-term business objectives.

Unsure where to begin, or looking for external expert practitioners to advise on your existing roadmap? Our consultants are here to convert your vision into a realistic action plan that negotiates risk and ensures your digital initiatives deliver return on investment.

What we do

  • Digital roadmap development against defined business objectives
  • Digital roadmap review and recommendations
  • Assessment of digital initiatives against complexity, cost, and risk
  • Detailed audits of internal capability based on a digital competency framework
  • Enterprise systems mapping and infrastructure audits with recommendations for driving efficiencies
  • Business and investment case development  
  • Situational and competitor analysis and benchmarking  

Why us?

  • Our consultants have decades of experience as heads of digital working across retail, fashion, publishing, entertainment, the third sector, and more
  • We’re trusted by leading brands to shape and define their digital strategies
  • Our expert practitioners are technologists and strategists with decades of experience advising clients on their digital strategies
  • Our external perspective enables businesses to appraise their options, gain consensus amongst stakeholders, and achieve their goals faster
  • We produce living documentation that grows with your business, not rigid plans  
Our work

From digital roadmap development, to ecommerce consulting, our services help organisations achieve their goals.

What does a digital roadmap look like?

A digital roadmap is a high-level document that outlines what the business wants to achieve, identifying some digital initiatives that can help it get there. The document is clear, concise, flexible, and accessible to all parts of the business. Supporting documentation can be used to provide further detail.


Why do I need a digital roadmap?

Having a comprehensive, flexible digital roadmap in place is key to achieving your business goals through digital initiatives. Without a realistic action plan, businesses often fall into the trap of unfocused investment that fails to deliver ROI or any measurable impact on the business goals.


How often should my business review and revise the digital roadmap?

We recommend that you review your digital roadmap on a frequent basis and update it where relevant. The roadmap provides a constant reference point to keep your digital strategy on track and aligned with your business goals. It should build in review timeframes, and should be treated as a live document that evolves in line with real-time analysis and changing business requirements.


How does competitor analysis impact my digital strategy?

Situational and competitor analysis and benchmarking is key for gaining insight into the trends and market forces around you.

Inviqa consultants help your business consider its competitive landscape, as well as the product and technology options to support your goals and direction. We’ll help you conduct a strategic review of how your digital strategy compares and relates to the wider market, consumer expectations, and your competitors.

We empower you to evaluate and compare your business at the product, service, or strategic level, and even help you evaluate and compare smaller and more granular investments like website features. We ensure you understand your relative strengths and weaknesses, understand emerging trends and new players, and identify features that are making an impact on your domain.


What does an engagement with Inviqa’s consultancy practice look like?

Please refer to the FAQs on our main digital strategy consulting page.


How much do Inviqa’s digital roadmap development services cost?

Please refer to the FAQs on our main digital strategy consulting page.


For which roles and teams are your digital roadmap services designed?

Our digital roadmap consulting is geared towards heads of digital strategy, including roles such as CTO, CIO, and CDO. But our digital roadmap and digital strategy workshops are highly collaborative and involve all relevant stakeholders to a digital initiative.


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